Aronia Berries: antioxidant superfruits

Aronia Berries: antioxidant superfruits

Trends in superfoods and superfruits are increasing more and more... and Aronia Berries are rightful protagonists thanks to the interesting nutrients they provide. First of all, they are full of antioxidants thanks above all to the high content of manganese and polyphenolic compounds such as antiocyanidins, among the most important groups of pigments present in vegetables.    

What are Aronia Berries: the different types

The Aronia, or chokeberry, is a botanical species belonging to the Rosaceae family and to the Maloideae subfamily. Aronia Berries are native to the humid climates of North America; they resemble blueberries in appearance but not in taste, which is more acidic. They ripen in autumn, and a period of frost can soften them, making them suitable for any type of recipe. The berries are divided in:

red chokeberry, Aronia arbustifolia. Fun fact: due to their intense colour, they are employed as a food dye substitute, typically cochineal red.

black chokeberry, Aronia melanocarpa, smaller and less resistant to winter.

purple chokeberry, Aronia prunifolia, a natural hybrid of the other two.  

How to use Aronia Berries

Aronia is grown both as an ornamental plant and for food consumption. They can be eaten plain - and we can guarantee that our Organic Aronia Berries are delicious!  - but they are also processed to produce wine, jams, syrups, and more.  

Aronia Berries: Properties and Benefits

These dried berries are rich in fibre - 20 g per 100 g of berries - and as with everything, you should never overdo it. We always recommend talking to your doctor or nutritionist to check the absence of particular intolerances.

Aronia Berries have a high content of Vitamin K, which contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of healthy bones. They are also excellent as a source of potassium, as 100 grams of dried berries give your metabolism 63% of the nutritional reference value. Finally, our chokeberries have a low fat content as there is no added sugar but rather have only the sugars naturally present in the fruit, which makes them versatile in the kitchen and in daily nutrition.  

Aronia Berries: nutritional values

Our source is the internal analyzes of our products. They are for purely informative purposes. We don’t want to replace your doctor or nutritionist!

Ingredients: 100% Aronia berries from organic farming.

NUTRITION FACTS - Average Values for 100 g:
Energy kJ 1287 / kcal 306
Fats 2.1 g
of which saturates 0.8 g
Carbohydrate 58.2 g
of which sugars 22.6 g
Fibre 20.0 g
Protein 3.5 g
Salt 0.00 g
Manganese 3,870 mg (194% NRV)
Potassium 1251 mg (63% NRV)
Vitamin K 30.4 μg (41% NRV)

Aronia Berries: sweet and light

And finally... a dessert! We have prepared for you some great Caramelised pears with Aronia Berries. Try them, and you won’t regret it!

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