How many mulberries per day?

How many mulberries per day?

We often wonder “How many mulberries can be eaten per day?”

We at Nuturally provide you with the answer!

40g is the recommended daily amount for a balanced and above all healthy lifestyle.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that a habitual consumption of 40 g of dried fruit per day can lead to a longer average life span. The study was based on a rather large sample of people who used to use dehydrated fruit on a daily basis and found that those who consumed the correct portions, at least seven times a week, had a reduction in the risk of developing certain diseases of at least 20%.

How many mulberries should you eat if you don’t have a scale at hand?

A really foolproof trick is to use your hands: the units of measurement that are always available can help us control how many Mulberries we eat.

A handful of dried mulberries corresponds to a serving size of between 75-80.

The British Nutrition Foundation's 'Find Your Balance' guide states that using your hands to 'measure' the portions of food you eat is a simple and intuitive method.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that each person has their own specific nutritional needs depending on their constitution, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc. and, for this reason, the portions of food vary according to individual needs. In fact, the study reveals that the hand method is proportionally applicable because a larger person, with larger hands, will automatically consume larger portions than smaller people, with smaller hands.

We at Nuturally (the online shop with more than 120 types of nuts and dried fruit) give you the chance to buy online mulberries: dried Italian mulberries. Here is a simple table to find out how many pieces correspond to 40g of dried mulberries:



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