the best nuts shipped directly at home the best nuts shipped directly at home

Nuts are a fundamental food in the kitchen, as they represent a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savoury recipes. For years they have been included in the list of food to be consumed within the framework of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

The moments during which we consume nuts are many. Here is a short list:

  • snack;
  • simple recipes;
  • tasty desserts;
  • as energy provider when at work, at school and in everyday life;
  • end of the meal;
  • breakfast;
  • before and after sport;
  • when we are looking for something delicious.

What if we tell you that you can simply order your favourite nuts to be shipped directly at home?

Worldwide more than 1.5 billion people buy food online. In Europa such number amounts to over 167 million people buy food online:

  • 9 million in Italy;
  • 19 million in the UK;
  • 18 million in Germany;
  • 13.5 million in France;
  • 10 million in Spain.

In the last 12 months one third of Italians who shop online have bought food stuff and drinks online.

Buying nuts online gives you the possibility to carefully read the labels on the products, evaluate the reviews by other users and order new products you had never heard of before.

We at Nuturally focused our business purely on the online shop because this is the only way to provide you every day with more than 120 types of Nuts and Dried Fruit in packs that are ideal for those nuts lovers just like you.

All you have to do now is ordering through your smartphone or pc while relaxing on your sofa and you will receive your favourite nuts and dried fruit directly at home.


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