The benefits of walnuts: three nuts a day for your health!

The benefits of walnuts: three nuts a day for your health!

Walnuts, that is, when food can change your life. And, let's say, literally! Indeed, walnuts have different nutritional properties that we often ignore, and benefits that can help us in everyday life and turn into great allies for our wellbeing.

“The main reasons for the beneficial effects of walnuts are connected with the presence of alpha-linoleic acid - Omega-3 - and antioxidant substances,” says Dr. Francesca Buccella, Food Technologist and Quality and Development Manager of Euro Company. “The associated action of both elements contributes to keeping cholesterol levels under control and to preventing cardiovascular problems.”

Are nuts fat?

Whether they are Brazil nuts or pecans, this type of food is rich in nutrients that stimulate the body. And those who believe that they are “fat”? That’s true, but with a really important caveat: nuts do contain a high percentage of fats (65%) but most of them are polyunsaturated fatty acids that can control triglyceride levels, preventing irregularity in the heartbeat and even improving your mood!

Walnuts: great against cell aging and cholesterol

Walnuts are also a valuable source of polyphenols and phytosterols, both strong antioxidant. “The former (polyphenols) counteract the action of free radicals, the cause of cell aging,” says Dr. Buccella. “The latter (phytosterols) seem to contribute to reducing the absorption, and consequently the concentration, of cholesterol in the blood.”

Diet and walnuts: the beneficial effects

All we need to do is include a few nuts in our daily diet and we will be happy! Indeed, the main benefits are:

Omega-3 and Omega-6: our body is unable to synthesize these essential fatty acids, present mainly in fish. Eating four walnuts a day introduces into the body a quantity similar to what would be obtained with the consumption of fish.

Melatonin: walnuts also seem to contain melatonin, a hormone mainly known for its positive influence on sleep patterns.

A positive contribution also in the case of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, diseases related to the effect of free radicals.

The chef suggests: dishes with walnuts

You can prepare a number of dishes, but today we suggest a risotto that can become a flagship of your cooking ability, excellent both as a single course and as a first course in an original and healthy menu: Risotto with brie, endive, and macadamia nuts

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