What are dates good for?

What are dates good for?

What are dates good for

Known as the fruits of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), dates serve many purposes, not least because of their properties for which they have been known since the dawn of time. Indeed, they are among the oldest fruits known to man, already known by the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, and Berbers. Being experts of nuts and dried fruit, we have written this article to further explain what are dates good for.

What are the uses of dried dates

Of course, fresh dates and dried dates are different. Dried dates are obtained by drying the fresh fruit and are also known as dry dates. Here is a list with some tips on how to use dried dates:

  • Quick energy boost for sports: thanks to their great taste and being high in sugar, dates are a handy snack to take with you. This is why they are so popular with athletes, who use them for an instant energy boost. Dates also serve as an ingredient to prepare tasty, homemade date energy bars, ideal for both training and healthy snacking. Pitted dates, in particular, are ready to eat beacause they are without stones.
  • Recipes with dates: dates are not only a sweet snack, but also an ingredient in many recipes. Tamr Mahshi, for example, are tasty pitted dates stuffed with almonds. You can also use dates to make a fresh banana, coconut and date smoothie, or prepare an energising snack with dates and dried fruit. Dates are also great to enrich a dried fruit salad and are perfect to be served with a cheese platter.
  • Natural sweeteners made from dates: dates can be used to naturally sweeten any type of dough, thus replacing sugar or sweeteners in cakes, pies and biscuits. You'll simply need to combine dates and water or a vegetable drink in a blender until smooth, thus creating a mixture that is perfect as a natural substitute for sugar.
  • Dates properties: Dates are high in potassium - even higher than bananas - which is why they help to balance fluid levels in the body. They are also rich in fibre, manganese, and selenium, aside from being a source of magnesium and copper.

It is good to remember that the recommended daily portion for dried dates is 30g, which is about 3 dates, as stated in the Linee Guida per una Sana alimentazione (Healthy Eating Guidelines).*

Where to buy dates online?

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Nuturally Magazine: How to use nuts and dried fruit? Ideas and tips in the kitchenDates: benefits, varieties, nutritional values and where to find them

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