Nuts Book - The encyclopaedia of nuts

Nuts Book - The encyclopaedia of nuts

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Nuts Book is an encyclopaedic book aimed at shading some light in the field of nuts. It focuses on the stimulation of curiosity and passion around the themes of nature and food, with respect for ourselves and the relationships we have with our fellow human beings and the nature surrounding us.

Starting from the seed planted, up to the seed produced by the plant, this book informs about the characteristics of each species, the land of origin and the relative climatic and cultivation requirements.

The book is in English.

Authors: Veronica Babini, Francesca Buccella, Elisa Cavulla, Francesca Nanni, Michela Pagnani, Eleonora Sinchen, Mario Zani

ISBN code 978-88-944736-8-1

Reference: ZRT00277
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Edited by: Euro Company Srl SB / NutsforLife Edizioni - Cambiamenti

Euro Company's experts sign research and in-depth studies of this work:

Veronica Babini

Francesca Buccella

Elisa Cavulla

Francesca Nanni

Michela Pagnani

Eleonora Sinchen

Mario Zani

Pictures: Laura Zavalloni

Language: English

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