Purchase and order processing procedure 
(Art. 7 of the general terms and conditions of online sale) 

7.1. To begin the Contract’s final procedure on the Site, Users should first consult the product list and then select and add the Products to the Cart, check the Order summary and, having chosen their method of payment, place the online Order with Euro Company by following the instructions as shown on the Site, which may also be in the form of a simple click icon accompanying them through the different phases summarized below. 
7.2. Users may place an Order in the following ways: 
(i) by consulting the online catalogue and checking the Product features as described in the relevant list. The Navigator will be able to access the product list by clicking on the Details button; 
(ii) by selecting the individual Product and the quantity they wish to buy; 
(iii) by further continuing the purchase session with the addition of Products to the Cart, using the Add to cart button; 
(iv) by completing the selection of Products and starting the procedure to complete the purchase, using the Check out button; 
(v) before completing the Order, Users are invited to enter their Data through one of the following alternative options: 

by accessing their Account, if they have already registered, 
by User registration, filling out the User registration form and creating a user profile, 
by creating a user profile required to complete the Order, including Data related to the billing and delivery of the goods supplied; 
(vi) once the user profile has been created, Users may complete the purchase by clicking on the Order Confirmation button; 
(vii) verification of the order summary, including shipping charges; 
(viii) online confirmation of the Order in compliance with the instructions and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Online Sale (GTCOS); 
(ix) payment of the Price (in addition to the Charges specified in the Order Summary), in compliance with the instructions and process provided for. Failure to accept GTCOS shall make it impossible to complete and send the Order; 
(x) receipt of email confirming Transaction, with summary of the Order and other useful information. 
7.3. Before completing the Order, Users are invited to verify the accuracy of the Order and to correct any error. 
7.4. The Order shall be stored in the Euro Company database for the time necessary for the fulfillment thereof, or otherwise in compliance with the law. Users may access their Order only if they are registered. 

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