Choose among more than 120 products of the best Nuts, Dried Fruit, Exotic Dried Fruit, Italian Nuts and Dried Fruit, Organic Nuts and Dried Fruit. Each raw material is deeply respected throughout the production chain, from sowing to arrival at your home in the shortest possible time, ensuring the control of each step and the highest quality of each product. Let yourself be tempted by genuine, healthy and tasty proposals such as Nuts (without salt)*, Dried Fruit (without added sugar)*, Organic Nuts and Dried Fruit and many others. * except for products in the "Limited Edition" category.

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    Our supply chain

    Our passion has always led us to travel around Italy and the world every day to select the finest nuts and dried fruit directly from the farmers.

    We do this in order to offer you the best possible natural product without salt and sugar, because nuts is perfect just the way it is.

    Our commitment towards the environment

    We care about the planet! We chose to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging, which is why we only offer large packs: 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg.

    We are proud to be BCORP-certified as we aim at leaving a positive mark on the environment and the community around us.

    Dried Apricots

    Dark colour | No added sugar | No preservatives
    1 kg - 2.5 kg
    Price 13.08 €

    Dried Orange

    500 g
    Price 13.19 €
    Soon available! Soon available!

    Natural Dried Papaya

    Non candied papaya | Big chunks | No added sugar
    1 kg
    Price 15.21 €
    Soon available! Soon available!

    Dried Dragon Fruit

    Dragon Fruit | White flesh | No added sugar
    1 kg
    Price 46.66 €
    Soon available! Soon available!
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