Buy online natural Nuts, with no salt and no additives*.

The best Nuts on Nuturally are ideal for all true lovers who are looking for healthy natural foods, thanks to their main properties and benefits. 

Nuts are a source of important nutrients which aid our well-being, including Omega-6 and Omega-3, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Tasty and suitable for any kind of diet, for years nuts have been on the list of foods for a healthy and balanced diet.

Try out our tasty natural Nuts online with no salt*: Cashews, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Shelled Walnuts, Italian Walnuts in Shell, Italian Pine Nuts, Peanuts and Pistachios. *except for the products in the “Limited Edition” category

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    Our supply chain

    Our passion has always led us to travel around Italy and the world every day to select the finest nuts and dried fruit directly from the farmers.

    We do this in order to offer you the best possible natural product without salt and sugar, because nuts is perfect just the way it is.

    Our commitment towards the environment

    We care about the planet! We chose to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging, which is why we only offer large packs: 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg.

    We are proud to be BCORP-certified as we aim at leaving a positive mark on the environment and the community around us.

    A portion of Nuts (30g) is part of the diet of healthy, active people without creating any particular imbalance, and provides numerous essential nutrients. Nuts consumed at mid-morning or afternoon breaks helps counteracting the onset of hunger by providing taste and a sense of satiety. Including one portion of nuts a day in the diet, together with a balanced diet and adequate levels of physical activity, is in agreement with a healthy, balanced lifestyle and helps maintaining the body's normal state of health.

    True Nuts lovers can buy it natural in 1 kg and 2.5 kg formats. For you who love nature and Nuts, Nuturally promotes a healthy and conscious lifestyle. By choosing Nuturally you are putting health, the planet and respect for people at the centre of your attention.

    You can store Nuts in its natural state in cool, dry places, away from sources of heat and moisture. The ideal condition for storing Nuts is in a refrigerated or well-ventilated place in an airtight glass jar.

    Our community of Nuts lovers buy them natural and use them in recipes: natural roasted Nuts, Nuts smoothies, Nuts creams, pesto and Nuts sauces. On Nuturally you can buy the best Nuts online.

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