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Buy online Organic Nuts, and certified Organic Dried Fruit. Nuturally’s organic products boast the highest European food safety standard certifications. In addition to the European Organic certification (the green leaf logo) and the Vegan OK certification, our products also have an IFS (International Food Standard) certification, i.e. a standard shared by the French and German industries, and a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification, which is the standard for the UK. The raw materials for Nuturally's organic products respect the environment, water, soil and air by promoting the natural fertility of cultivated lands and biodiversity, and by limiting the use of plant protection chemicals according to the applicable European Regulations (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007; Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008).

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    Our supply chain

    Our passion has always led us to travel around Italy and the world every day to select the finest nuts and dried fruit directly from the farmers.

    We do this in order to offer you the best possible natural product without salt and sugar, because nuts is perfect just the way it is.

    Our commitment towards the environment

    We are a certified B Corp™ and part of a global movement of companies committed to complying with high standards of social and environmental impact.

    We have therefore decided to reduce the use of plastic, glass and metal in our packaging, which is why we offer large packs: 500 g, 1 kg, 2,5 kg.

    Organic Dried Figs

    Dried slowly | Organic | No added sugar
    1 kg
    Price 17.76 €
    Soon available! Soon available!

    "Organic farming" is a type of cultivation whose aim is to exploit the natural fertility of the soil, using only substances of natural origin, and to promote biodiversity, i.e. the variability among living organisms.

    The use of organic farming limits over-exploitation of natural resources, in particular soil, water and air, and excludes the use of chemically synthesised fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides. The aim of organic farming is to use resources within a development model that can last over time by implementing a conscious exploitation of resources and promoting their natural reintegration in order to respect the environment, the food we eat, the way we produce it and therefore ourselves.

    The basic principles of organic farming are twofold:

    • Caring for the fertility of the soil
    • Maintaining the balance of the environment in which it is cultivated.

    By buying online Nuturally organic Nuts, organic Dried Fruit, you are contributing not only to your own health, but to the health of the entire planet.

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