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Organic Black Sesame Seeds

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Buy online organic black sesame seeds, unroasted and unsalted.

Being experts in nuts and oil seeds, we’ve selected organic black sesame. Small, oval-shaped sesame seeds from organic farming, with a typical black colour and a taste with hints of hazelnuts.

Organic black sesame seeds can be eaten raw or slightly roasted. They’re the perfect addition to salads and soups.

You can buy organic black sesame seeds in packs of 500g, that are ideal for real oil seed lovers.

Ingredients: organic SESAME seeds. May contain GLUTEN, SOY, MUSTARD and LUPINS.

Origin: Bolivia, Egypt

Format: 500 g

Reference: ECOB7006
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organic black sesame seeds

Organic black sesame seeds

  1. Organic black sesame seeds, unroasted and unsalted
  2. Flat, oval-shaped black seeds
  3. Organic farming

Nutritional values

Energy 2646 kJ / 597 kcal
Fats 53 g
Ingredients Ingredients: organic SESAME seeds. May contain GLUTEN, SOY, MUSTARD and LUPINS.
of which saturates 8,0 g
Carbohydrate 2,0 g
of which sugars 1,4 g
Origin Bolivia, Egypt
Weight 500g
Fibre 14 g
Protein 21 g
Salt 0,24 g
Nutrition declaration average nutritional values per 100 g:
Storage requirements Store in a cool, dry place
Organic IT-BIO-009; Non-EU Agriculture;
Label and packaging The images are for illustrative purposes only, the product may be subject to changes depending on stock availability and selected weight.
Product Sesame


The sesame seed plant is cultivated in Central America, India, Sudan, China, and the United States. This plant reaches a height of 60-120 cm and produces small, white and pink flowers. Sesame seeds may vary in colour, from white to dark brown. Due to their high oil content, sesame seeds are highly valued in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


"Enciclopedia della nutrizione" di M. Murray, J. Pizzorno, L. Pizzorno ed. Tecniche Nuove.


Sesame seeds are among the oldest foods: they have been cultivated worldwide since prehistoric times. Originating in the Middle East, sesame seeds were believed to have come from India and are mentioned in many ancient Hindu traditions as a symbol of immortality. In Babylonian times, sesame oil was used for perfumes and medicines. There are records showing that the Egyptians prescribed sesame as a medicine and used the oil in purification rituals. Europeans found out about sesame seeds when they were imported from India during the 1st century AD. Today, the main producers of sesame seeds are China, India, and Mexico.


"Enciclopedia della nutrizione" di M. Murray, J. Pizzorno, L. Pizzorno ed. Tecniche Nuove.


How to use sesame seeds?

Organic black sesame seeds can be eaten raw or lightly roasted and are excellent in salads, stir-fries, soups, and stews. In Japanese cuisine, they are used to make the outer layer of sushi, often mixed up with white sesame seeds.

Affordable price

Affordable price means to us offering our clients organic black sesame seeds that everybody can enjoy.

We want, on the one hand, to place the proper value on raw materials in order to obtain a quality product by paying our farmers a fair price; on the other hand, we want to fulfil your needs when it comes to pricing.

We establish fair long-term relationships with our producers to avoid race-to-the-bottom pricing and that are based on trust as part of our efforts to offer you the finest and most natural product.

Not only that: by choosing large packs of organic black sesame seeds you are also contributing to the reduction in the use of plastic.

How much does 1 kg of organic black sesame seeds cost?

The price per kg for organic black sesame seeds depends on the black sesame seed quality, variety and origin. On Nuturally, we have selected the best organic black sesame seeds with respect for our supply chain, farmers, and raw materials.


You can store organic black sesame seeds in cool, dry places away from heat and moisture. Here are 4 useful tips:

  • The best way to store organic black sesame seeds is in a refrigerated environment. Nuturally organic black sesame seeds can also be stored at room temperature during the winter season due to low temperatures. During summer, however, it is advisable to store the product in the refrigerator or in the coolest possible environment, as increased temperatures could encourage decay.
  • The ideal container for the storage of organic black sesame seeds is glass. Indeed, because of its composition it is impervious to chemical agents and gases, and, as it has excellent insulation properties, it holds the initial temperature for longer than other materials. It is even better if the glass is coloured: using coloured glass blocks the entry of certain wavelengths of light (including ultraviolet), and thus certain nutritional and organoleptic characteristics remain unaltered.
  • The type of closure of the container is also important as an airtight cap ensures that the food is protected from excessive contact with oxygen that can lead to lipid oxidation and encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria.
  • The best kind of storage environment is one which is well ventilated because ventilating the premises keeps internal humidity under control, which otherwise could escape from windows, thereby guaranteeing the right balance to lessen the onset of mould.

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