Roasted Organic Cashew & Coconut Cream

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Buy online our 100% roasted organic cashew & coconut cream.

Our cashew & coconut cream is organic and made with only roasted cashews and coconut, with no added sugar - containing only natural sugar.

We’ve created a mix of 100% nut and dried fruit creams by selecting the best organic cashews and organic coconut chips, then roasting them without adding any other ingredient. Be amazed as the sweet taste of coconut and the creamy flavor of cashews mingle in your mouth!

You can buy the 100% roasted organic cashew & coconut cream in packs of 500g, that are ideal for true nut lovers.

Ingredients: CASHEWS* 80% and COCONUT* 20%. *organic. May contain traces of PEANUTS or other NUTS

Formats: 500 g

Origin: NON EU

Reference: ECOB8724
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Cashew Coconut Cream

100% Cashew & Coconut Cream

  1. 100% Organic Cashew & Coconut Cream
  2. With no added sugar (containing only natural sugar)
  3. Nuts and dried fruit cream

Nutritional values

Ingredients CASHEWS* 80% and COCONUT* 20%. *organic. May contain traces of PEANUTS or other NUTS
Weight 500 g
Storage requirements Store in a cool, dry place
Organic IT-BIO-009; Non-EU Agriculture;
Nutrition declaration average nutritional values per 100 g:
Energy 2581 kJ / 623 kcal
Fats 51 g
of which saturates 19 g
Carbohydrate 20 g
of which sugars 4.5 g
Fibre 3.9 g
Protein 19 g
Salt 0.32 g
Source Euro Company analysis
Origin Non-EU
Label and packaging The images are for illustrative purposes only, the product may be subject to changes depending on stock availability and selected weight.
Product Cashews, Coconut


This one is a roasted organic cashew & coconut cream. Here’s why we don’t call it a roasted organic cashew & coconut butter.

Cashew & coconut butter, cashew & coconut spread, cashew & coconut paste, 100% cashew & coconut cream and many others. A plethora of names can be found on food labels while browsing the aisles of grocery stores or shopping online.

This can be very confusing for customers and that’s why we, the nut experts, want to make the situation clearer.

We have decided to call it roasted organic cashew & coconut cream because it is made with nothing but grounded nuts and dried fruit (100% cashew & coconut cream). We do not add any vegetable oils, sugars or sweeteners, salt, flavourings, emulsifiers nor additives. On the contrary, the cashew & coconut cream butter commonly found on sale often contains sugar, emulsifiers, that are added to cashews and coconut.

Affordable price

Affordable price means to us offering our clients a roasted organic cashew & coconut cream that everybody can enjoy.

We want, on the one hand, to place the proper value on raw materials in order to obtain a quality product by offering our farmers a fair price; on the other hand, we want to fulfil your needs when it comes to pricing.

We establish fair long-term relationships with our producers to avoid race-to-the-bottom pricing and that are based on trust as part of our efforts to offer you the finest and most natural product.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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