Coconut oil: properties, uses in the kitchen and where to find it

Coconut oil: properties, uses in the kitchen and where to find it

Its scientific name is 'Cocos Nucifera' and it is extracted directly from the pulp of the coconut from which it gets its incredible tropical aroma and characteristic scent. It has a thick, buttery consistency and becomes liquid at around 24-25 degrees Celsius.

How to use coconut oil

Because of its versatility, coconut oil can be used in a variety of delicious ways in the kitchen, not only in exotic or vegan recipes, but also in traditional recipes.

It is usually used raw; for example, emulsified with lemon juice and chives, it makes a delicious vinaigrette to flavour meat or fish, but it is also delicious simply spread on a slice of toast.

It is also excellent for hot dishes because its organoleptic composition remains unchanged even at high temperatures and, unlike other oils, it does not produce substances harmful to the body.

It can be an excellent substitute for traditional olive oil. Just melt it in a pan first - as it is usually solid - and then add the desired ingredients, such as vegetables, legumes or fish, and cook them as usual.

It can also be used instead of butter to make cakes, sweets or biscuits. Poured directly into the dough, it makes them fragrant and soft.

A tasty idea consists in the preparation of crispy fries with this special ingredient. Its high smoke point makes it the perfect choice for frying certain dishes, such as chips.

Thanks to its satiating power, you can also prepare delicious smoothies with coconut oil, which will make them more nutritious.

It is also popular with fitness enthusiasts as it provides an energy boost before training.

Another tip? For a snack using coconut oil, which is great to enjoy before your workout, you can cut an apple into slices, chop up some almonds and use them as a topping to garnish the apple along with the melted coconut oil. After 2 hours in the freezer, it's ready to eat and its taste will leave you speechless!

In which other ways coconut oil can be used?

It is widely used and appreciated in cosmetics due to its moisturising properties. It is excellent as a conditioner to nourish the hair, as a body lotion and to give teeth a shine. Coconut oil has undoubtedly become a must-have product!

Where to buy coconut oil online?

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