How to use dried fruit

How to use dried fruit

How to use dried fruit

Have you ever wondered how to use dried fruit? This excellent food has the taste and properties of fresh fruit and comes in a practical, ready-to-use format. As a matter of fact, dried fruit is fresh fruit that has undergone a drying process, aimed at removing water while maintaining its nutritional characteristics almost unchanged. We, the dried fruit experts from Nuturally, have thought of some ideas on how to use dried fruit, that span from healthy snacking to more creative uses.

Dried fruit uses:

  • Dried fruit snacks: dried fruit is a quick and easy way to snack anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its easy-to-carry format, dried fruit is just the perfect snack for mid-morning or mid-afternoon breaks, for beating hunger between meals, at school or at work and even as an instant energy boost during sports sessions. The recommended daily portion of dried fruit is 40g*.
  • Dried fruit recipes: dried fruit is not only a tasty snack but also a precious ingredient! You can add it to many savoury and sweet recipes, such as dried fruit granola, smoothies, salads, sauces, yoghurts or muffins.
  • Dried fruit infusion: you’ll be amazed by this quick and simple alternative to the classic herbal tea bags. Just brew your favourite dried fruit in boiling water for 10 minutes and you’ll have your dried fruit infusion.
  • Dried fruit compote: an original way to use your favourite dried fruit is to create a delicious raw compote by blending dried fruit. With just a few simple steps and no cooking, you will make a delicious alternative to traditional compotes, best eaten as a cold dessert.
  • Natural sweeteners made from dried fruit: did you know that dried fruit can be used as a natural substitute to replace added sugar and artificial sweeteners? You can make natural sweeteners from dried fruit that will sweeten any recipe without adding sugar. To make these sweeteners, you just need to put in a blender the chosen amount of dried fruit and water (or a vegetable drink of your choice) and blend until smooth. You can now use your natural sweeteners to replace sugar in your favourite recipes.
  • Dried fruit sangria: this alternative version of the typical Spanish drink will leave everyone speechless! Add dried fruit and cloves to wine and let it sit overnight in the fridge: your dried fruit sangria is ready to enjoy!

Where can you buy dried fruit online?

You can find and buy dried fruit online on, the online shop for true lovers of nuts with no added salt and dried fruit with no added sugar. Nuturally’s dried fruit contains only natural sugar and nothing else. On Nuturally, you can buy online dry fruits in large packs.



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