How much dried banana per day?

How much dried banana per day?

How often have we wondered “How many pieces of dried banana per day?”

We at Nuturally have the answer!

A standard portion amounts to 40g per day for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared that consuming up to 40g of dried fruit per day can have significant health benefits. In fact, dried fruit is an excellent daily ally thanks to the low-temperature dehydration process, which maintains its original nutritional characteristics and fibre, mineral and vitamin content.

How many pieces of dried banana are to be eaten if you don’t have a scale at hand?

There is a method for weighing the dried banana even if you don't have a kitchen scale. We are talking about your hand! Palm, fist and fingers are convenient "scales" that are always available when eating out and don't want to overdo the calories.

The ideal portion is a handful of bananas of between 15 and 20 pieces.

Support comes from the British Dietetic Association that have devised a simple guide to measuring the right portion of food using your own hands as the unit of measurement.

Of course, it is good to bear in mind that each person has their own specific nutritional needs depending on their constitution, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc. and, for this reason, the portions of food vary according to individual needs. In fact, the study reveals that the hand method is proportionally applicable because a larger person, with larger hands, will automatically consume larger portions than smaller people, with smaller hands.

We at Nuturally (the online shop with more than 120 types of nuts and dried fruit) give you the chance to buy online Dried Banana. Here is a simple table to find out how many pieces correspond to 40g of Dried Banana:

DRIED BANANA 15-20 pc.


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