Nuturally: the new 100% reusable box

Nuturally: the new 100% reusable box

What if we told you that for all our deliveries we will be using a 100% reusable and customizable box?

The advantages brought by online shopping are known to everybody: how is it possible to resist to the comfort of buying online your favourite nuts and receiving them in a few days directly at home?

What can be said concerning the packaging? We are convinced that environmental sustainability is fundamental and that we can all make a difference, even with small gestures, to protect our planet. This is the reason why we decided to introduce for all our deliveries a 100% cardboard box that is also customizable according to the personal taste! You can have fun with colours, materials and shapes! Our box will give you the opportunity to play your part in supporting the environment and, at the same time, having fun and setting free your imagination.

How does the box look like? Here are some ideas for the customization of the box:

  • Your nuts supply


You can use the box as a container for your nuts. All you have to do is customize it with tempera colours that suit your kitchen or, if you prefer, leave it as it is and inserting the glass jars with your nuts and dried fruit.

  • The box for your hobbies


You can free your fantasy by painting the box and enriching it with different materials (e.g. thin felt or buttons). On the inside you can place your favourite stuff for your free time: your balls of yarn, your favourite books, your tempera colours and many other things!

  • The box as a desk


Combining business with pleasure by transforming the box into a coloured desk! You will simply have to customize the box and add wooden legs. In addition to being useful as a table, the box will allow you to have a convenient drawer for your notes!

  • Your bookshelves


You can customize your box by creating small Scandinavian-style bookshelves where you can place and display your favourite books or even small furnishing accessories!

  • Green corner


You can use the box to create a small garden, ideal to insert plants of reduced dimensions and make your living room greener and livelier.

  • Cookbook


It is possible to reuse the box as a frame for your cookbook. This is a great solution to enhance and decorate the kitchen at the same time.

  • Tea corner


The box is used as an extractable shelf in the kitchen. Besides being useful for jars, etc. when opening the drawer other objects may be placed within it, such as tea or coffee.

  • Drawer for your jars


In this case the box was used to create a colourful frame for your glass jars, ideal for the preservation of nuts. By turning the box it is possible to use it as container for kitchen tools, spices, electric tools, etc.

  • Beauty box


The box may be used in the bathroom to store make up, household appliances, lotions, bath towels, etc.  

All you have to do is ordering your favourite natural nuts and dried fruit on Nuturally, receiving them at home and enjoying the different uses of our incredible box!

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