What’s the Nut Milk Bag?

What’s the Nut Milk Bag?

What’s the Nut Milk Bag?

It is a bag made of cotton that can be used to prepare your favourite plant-based drinks directly at home.

Milk represents an essential part of our daily diet: the Italian human nutrition society (Società di Nutrizione Umana – SINU) recommends 1 to 3 servings per day, considering that 1 portion of milk corresponds to 125 ml of milk or yogurt.

But now the following question arises: how to behave in case of lactose intolerance?

On the market a variety of possibilities have been available for years. Among these are plant-based drinks that are the perfect alternative to “traditional” milk: almond drinks, soja drinks, coconut drink, etc.

It is very easy to produce them at home. In fact, several recipes may be found online. The first thing to do is putting the chosen ingredient (for example almonds or cashews) in the mixer together with water and then mix it all until a homogeneous drink is obtained. However, it can often happen that the chosen ingredient is not perfectly blended and is therefore grainy. How to make the drink soft and creamy?

There is finally a solution:

The Nut Milk Bag, i.e. a bag made of cotton with small holes ideal for filtering out even the smallest residue.

This product is not so easy to find on the market. Some solutions may be found online but most of them are made of nylon, which is not so hygienic and sustainable. What should be preferred are bags made of organic material such as cotton or canvas.

Using the Nut Milk Bag is extremely easy. Reverse it before use, so that seams remain on the outside and rinse it with abundant water.

Let’s have a look at the steps for the preparation of a plant-based drink!

In a mixer mix the selected nuts for the plant-based drink (coconut, almonds, walnuts, etc.) together with water until a homogeneous liquid is obtained. Then take the Nut Milk Bag, place a bowl or a container under it and pour the liquid obtained. Once all the liquid has been poured in, gently squeeze the Nut Milk Bag from above in order for the remaining liquid to pour out.

The plant-based drink obtained after this process should be stored in the fridge. Here is a tip by nuts experts: the remining minced nuts inside the Nut Milk Bag can be recycled for example in the preparation of caked or desserts.

Check here the video for knowing how to use our Nut Milk Bag. 

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