7 reasons why you will not find our nuts on Amazon

7 reasons why you will not find our nuts on Amazon

Amazon is now the largest and most popular marketplace in the world, where it is possible to find everything, ranging from home appliances to food products. Now let us explain why you won't find our products on Amazon as well as in any other marketplace - it's a conscious choice to be closer to you.

What are the advantages of buying on naturally.com?

  • you can always buy online over 100 products, choosing among nuts with no added salt and dried fruit with no added sugar;
  • we only offer large packages (500g, 1kg and 2.5kg) for real nuts lovers: in this way you will have a unique, daily convenience, in a sustainable format, as we aim at reducing the amount of plastic from our packages thus respecting the environment;
  • by buying on naturally.com you help us supporting our supply chain, also enhancing high quality agriculture and local supply chains;
  • without promotions and discount codes you are always free to choose what you want: affordable price means to us providing you every day with nuts and dried fruit at the most correct price. We want, on the one hand, to give the right value to raw materials to obtain a quality product, and, on the other hand, to satisfy your needs;
  • receive your favourite nuts directly at home in 2/3 working days;
  • should you need any help while registering, do not hesitate to contact our Nuturally Team;
  • over 3,000 reviews from our community encourage us to continue our commitment towards all nut lovers.

For these reasons you will not find our natural nuts and dried fruit with no added sugar on other online shops (such as Amazon), in supermarkets or little shops.

As real lovers and experts we want to provide you with high quality nuts at a fair price, away from the race-to-the-bottom prices that are typical of the larger marketplaces.

You can choose among nuts, dried fruit, oil seeds, nuts mix, Italian nuts and dried fruit  and chopped nuts and nuts flours.

Join our community, support our supply chain and enjoy the best nuts! 

We are waiting for you on naturally.com

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