How many cashews per day?

How many cashews per day?

How many times have we wondered “How many cashews should be eaten per day?”

We at Nuturally have the answer.

The recommended daily quantity amounts to 15-20 pieces, corresponding to 30g, to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.*

This is argued by a study published in the England Journal of Medicine which in 2013 showed that the consumption of 30g of nuts per day has a positive influence on the organism. In fact the English studies support that a daily consumption of nuts contributes to the protection of the body from cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

How many cashews are to be eaten if you don’t have a scale at hand?

The experts in nuts and dried fruit reveal it to you! Did you know that your hand can become a real scale when eating out? In fact, by combining two thumbs together, you get the daily handful of cashews enough to cover your daily needs.

When talking about cashews, the recommended portion amounts to 30 g, that corresponds to approx. 15-20 fruit. In fact, a 30 g portion of cashews provides ca. 6 g of plant protein to the body.

The British Dietetic Association claims that hands are an innovative unit of measurement to regulate the right portion of food to eat! In fact, this literally "handy" method is useful for adjusting the portions of each food on all occasions and helps you having a long and healthy life.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that each person has their own specific nutritional needs depending on their constitution, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc. and, for this reason, the portions of food vary according to individual needs. In fact, the study reveals that the hand method is proportionally applicable because a larger person, with larger hands, will automatically consume larger portions than smaller people, with smaller hands.

We at Nuturally (the online shop with more than 120 types of nuts and dried fruit) give you the chance to buy online different types of cashews, both natural cashews and organic cashews. Here is a simple table to find out how many pieces correspond to 30g of cashews:

CASHEWS NUTURALLY How many pieces in 30g
CASHEWS 15-20 pcs.


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