How many hazelnuts per day?

How many hazelnuts per day?

How many times have we wondered “How many hazelnuts should be eaten per day?”

We at Nuturally have the answer.

A portion amounting to 25-30g represents the ideal quantity in order to live a long and healthy life.

The entire scientific community has agreed on the fact that the regular and moderate consumption of 30g of nuts within a well-balanced diet and accompanied by a healthy lifestyle contributes to the maintenance of health and to the reduction in the risk of the onset of various diseases, without adversely affecting body weight. There exist several benefits, ranging from the reduction in food waste up to monetary savings. According to the authors of the research by the NewEngland Journal of Medicine. “the most evident benefit is the 29% reduction in cardiovascular mortality, followed by an 11% reduction in cancer mortality”.

How many hazelnuts are to be eaten if you don’t have a scale at hand?

In such cases, the palm of the hand becomes a “scale” when eating out and not wanting to exceed with calories. In fact, by combining your thumbs together you will have the ideal portion of hazelnuts to eat daily.

The ideal portion corresponds to a handful of hazelnuts of approx. 25-30 pieces.

According to the guidelines contained in “Find your balance” by the British Dietetic Association, the use of hands for the simple evaluation of the portion of food to be eaten is an intuitive and literally ‘handy’ way to have a long and healthy life. The hand isn’t the only unit of measurement identified by the BNF that suggests using also the fist and the thumb.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that each person has their own specific nutritional needs depending on their constitution, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc. and, for this reason, the portions of food vary according to individual needs. In fact, the study reveals that the hand method is proportionally applicable because a larger person, with larger hands, will automatically consume larger portions than smaller people, with smaller hands.

We at Nuturally (the online shop with more than 120 types of nuts and dried fruit) give you the chance to buy online different types of hazelnuts: shelled hazelnuts, organic shelled hazelnuts and peeled roasted hazelnuts. Here is a simple table to find out how many pieces correspond to 30g of hazelnuts:

HAZELNUTS NUTURALLY How many pieces in 30g


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