Pitaya: the taste and the benefits of the dragon fruit

Pitaya: the taste and the benefits of the dragon fruit

Behind the mysterious name of the pitaya (dragon fruit) , there is a fruit characterized by a sweet, delicate taste and bright colours, in which the intense pink of the skin contrasts visually with the white pulp and the black and crunchy seeds (some varieties have a yellow peel).

The name 'dragon fruit' perhaps comes from its form, typically with elongated tongues that envelop the fruit, thus reassembling a fireball.

Native to Central America, the pitaya (Hylocereus undatus)  is a climbing cactus that can reach a height of up to 10 meters, with beautiful white flowers that open at night.

The dragon fruit is rich in mineral salts (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese) and vitamin E (mainly contained in the seeds), which, alongside a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, make it an invaluable aid for good health.

In particular, magnesium has very positive effects in reducing fatigue, and along with potassium contributes to the proper functioning of the muscles and nervous system.

Phosphorus contributes to the absorption of calcium in the gut and thus helps maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Manganese contributes to energy metabolism and, together with vitamin E, is an excellent antioxidant, protecting body cells from free radicals.

Furthermore, with its low-calorie content (36 kcal per 100 grams of pulp), pitaya is a super source of energy for both body and mind that never overloads the body or slows down the digestion.

Pitaya can be eaten fresh by tasting the pulp with a teaspoon or adding lime and sugar. Alternatively, it can also be enjoyed in juices or smoothies, including agua de pitaya.

Not living in a tropical climate will not prevent you from enjoying our Nuturally dried pitaya. Why not using it as an ingredient for a smoothie or in cakes and biscuits? And what about adding it to yoghurt as part of your breakfast or simply eating it as a healthy energetic snack? 

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