What is the use of nuts?

What is the use of nuts?

As part of a balanced diet, nuts bring numerous benefits to the body. Indeed, the consumption of natural nuts - unroasted and unsalted - is promoted by the international scientific community as well as by health professionals in the recommended daily portion (30 g of nuts per day). In this article, we aim at explaining how the consumption of nuts helps supplementing one's daily diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What are the uses of nuts

The consumption of the recommended daily portion of natural nuts (30 g) provides multiple benefits. As part of a balanced diet, nuts can:

  • Provide important nutrients: nuts are packed with nutrients, such as essential fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid), minerals - including iron, calcium and zinc - B vitamins (except vitamin B12) and vitamin E.
  • Increase fibre intake: the Healthy Eating Guidelines 2018 by the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) stress how the consumption of small amounts of nuts is a good source of dietary fibre, which is very important for regulating physiological functions such as the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the control of blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
  • Beat hunger between main meals: a good way to control hunger without consequently exceeding food portions is to have small mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. In this sense, it is a good choice to eat natural nuts in small amounts between meals, because of their high energy value. This helps curbing hunger, thus avoiding the consumption of large portions at main meals that cause an excess daily calorie consumption.
  • Balance fat intake: nuts are a source of vegetable fats, particularly unsaturated fatty acids. Indeed, the Healthy Eating Guidelines 2018 recommend balancing the intake of the various types of fats, so that the intake of saturated fatty acids does not exceed 10% of the total calory intake. The consumption of nuts allows you to balance your saturated fat intake - that may cause cholesterol levels to rise - by introducing unsaturated fatty acids - that help maintaining normal cholesterol levels.
  • Reduce the consumption of meat and animal products: the consumption of the recommended daily portion of nuts helps you introducing vegetable proteins and fats in your diet, thus replacing products of animal origin and adding variety to your diet. This model is promoted by the Mediterranean Diet, that is high in vegetables and based on the variety of food, conditions that allow for a balanced calorie intake.

The advice provided SHOULD IN NO WAY BE CONSIDERED AS MEDICAL ADVICE OR PRESCRIPTION. The information provided shall be considered for informative and educational purposes only, it is not intended to replace medical advice. In case of a medical condition, always consult your doctor.

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