Single dose of nuts and dried fruit

Single dose of nuts and dried fruit

According to international guidelines, 30g of nuts and dried fruit per day can be included in the food balance without generating any particular calorie imbalance and provide proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins essential for the well-being and proper functioning of the body.

Whether in the office, at school, at university, during a walk in the mountains or simply as mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack: Nuturally nuts represent the healthy and tasty alternative to already packed snacks filled with additives, salt and sugar.

Supplementing your daily diet with naturally healthy products and following an active lifestyle is a choice that allows you to feel fitter and live better. All our products are carefully selected to give you only the highest quality products, even when not at home!

For us at Nuturally natural is all that is cultivated, harvested and treated with respect for the land that has preserved the taste of the best fruits and nuts over the centuries.

Precious allies of health, a consolidated habit for those who follow a virtuous diet, a new opportunity for those who want to start following a diet rich in essential elements for the well-being of the body.


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