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Italian Shelled Sorrento Walnuts


Buy online Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts.

Support quality Italian agriculture, the people working on the fields, and the fruits grown each day by hands full of love, effort and respect.

You can buy natural Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts in packs that are ideal for true nuts lovers.

Discover the benefits of our Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts! According to our analyses 100 g of Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts contain:

  • 1.5 mg of Copper, equivalent to 150% of NRV (Nutrient Reference Value);
  • 2.1 mg of Manganese, equivalent to 105% of NRV;
  • 150 μg of Folate, equivalent to 75% of NRV.

Ingredients: WALNUTS. May contain traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS.

Format: 500 g

Origin: Italy

Reference: ECO02231
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italian shelled sorrento walnuts

Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts

  1. Italian supply chain
  2. Grown in the foothills of Mount Vesuvio (Sorrento)
  3. Strong taste

Nutritional values

Ingredients WALNUTS. May contain traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS.
Weight 500g
Storage requirements Store in a cool, dry place
Nutrition declaration average nutritional values per 100 g:
Energy 2919 kJ / 706 kcal
Fats 65 g
of which saturates 5.9 g
Carbohydrate 9.9 g
of which sugars 2.4 g
Fibre 4.9 g
Protein 18 g
Salt 0 g
Copper 1.5 mg (150% NRV*)
Manganese 2.1 mg (105% NRV*)
Vitamin E 150 μg (75% NRV*)
Source Euro Company analysis
Recommendations The advice provided SHOULD IN NO WAY BE CONSIDERED AS MEDICAL ADVICE OR PRESCRIPTION. The information provided shall be considered for informative and educational purposes only, it is not intended to replace medical advice. In case of a medical condition, always consult your doctor.
Origin Italy
Nutrients Copper, Folate, Manganese
*NRV: Nutrient Reference Value *Nutrient Reference Value
Label and packaging The images are for illustrative purposes only, the product may be subject to changes depending on stock availability and selected weight.
Product Walnuts


The Sorrento walnuts is by far the most widespread and finest Italian cultivar. It is derived from a gem-like mutation of the common walnut that took place in the Sorrento peninsula. The main features of the Sorrento walnuts are the following:

  • medium size;
  • regular oval shape, with rounded base and slightly pointed apex.

There exists also a roundish type, with a more flattened base and a slightly less pointed apex, and there are also types with intermediate features. The woody shell is of a natural light cinnamon colour, it is thin, not very wrinkled both on the outside and on the inside; it is made of hard material but has an average resistance to breakage. The kernel is clear, voluminous, not oily. The yield of the fruit is very high and reaches the highest values in the hilly areas where the shell is even thinner and lighter. The fruit is easily divided into two parts, each consisting of two lobes, divided at the bottom and joined at the centre; the film covering them comes off easily, letting the almond appear soft white. The Sorrento walnut is particularly sensitive to frost.  




In Italy, walnuts are considered a traditional crop, tending towards promiscuous cultivation, with very remote evidence for its cultivation. It is a species with a dual aptitude: in addition to fruit production, at the end of its cycle, it is also exploited for the supply of wood.

European leader until 1985, the Italian walnut planting underwent a considerable reduction in the invested area until the mid-1990s, with a consequent decrease in the quantity of produced wood.

The reasons for the crisis were different; among the most important we can point out:

  • a lack of specialization of the plants, also due to the rural tradition in the areas of Campania where the walnut is historically grown;
  • difficulties in carrying out the main cultivation operations (treatments, pruning, harvesting) due to the structure of the plants;
  • a strong lack of homogeneity in the products, which can be noticed within the same cultivar with negative consequences on the commercial stage;
  • little knowledge and lack of in-depth study of the technique and cultivation needs of walnuts;
  • lack of genetic improvement programmes and of varietal renewal.

Basically, for these reasons, Italy, within a few decades, from a self-sufficient country, has turned into an importer of nuts in shell above all from North America (California).




According to our analyses, 100 g of Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts contain: 

  • Copper (1.5 mg – 150% NRV)  
  • Manganese (2.1 mg – 105% NRV)  
  • Folate (150 μg – 75% NRV)  

Affordable price

Affordable price means to us offering our clients natural Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts that everybody can enjoy.

We want, on the one hand, to place the proper value on raw materials in order to obtain a quality product by paying our farmers a fair price; on the other hand, we want to fulfil your needs when it comes to pricing.

We establish fair long-term relationships with our producers to avoid race-to-the-bottom pricing and that are based on trust as part of our efforts to offer you the finest and most natural product.

Not only that: by choosing large packs of Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts, you are also contributing to the reduction in the use of plastic.

How much does 1 kg of Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts cost?

The price per kg for Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts depends on the Sorrento walnuts' quality, variety and origin. On Nuturally, we have selected the best Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts with respect for our supply chain, farmers, and raw materials.


You can store Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts in cool, dry places away from heat and moisture. Here are 4 useful tips:

  • The ideal way to store Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts is in a refrigerated environment. Nuturally Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts can also be stored at room temperature during the winter season due to low temperatures. During summer, however, it is advisable to store the product in the refrigerator or in the coolest possible environment, as increased temperatures could encourage decay.
  • The ideal container for the storage of Italian shelled Sorrento walnuts is glass. Indeed, because of its composition it is impervious to chemical agents and gases, and, as it has excellent insulation properties, it holds the initial temperature for longer than other materials. It is even better if the glass is coloured: using coloured glass blocks the entry of certain wavelengths of light (including ultraviolet), and thus certain nutritional and organoleptic characteristics remain unaltered.
  • The type of closure of the container is also important as an airtight cap ensures that the food is protected from excessive contact with oxygen that can lead to lipid oxidation and encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria.
  • The best kind of storage environment is one which is well ventilated because ventilating the premises keeps internal humidity under control, which otherwise could escape from windows, thereby guaranteeing the right balance to lessen the onset of mould.

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