100% Nuts Creams

Discover the new 100% Nuts Creams!

An easy way for real nut lovers to enjoy nuts in every moment of the day! Nothing but nuts, without additives, aromas, sugar (containing only natural sugar) or salt (may contain natural salt) in order not to alter the natural taste of nuts. Our creams made of 100% nuts will conquer you with their incredible taste and intense aroma.

You can use our Nuts Creams in your savoury and sweet recipes, spread them on your toasted bread for breakfast, or use them as a topping on pancakes, crepes, ice creams or yoghurt.

Choose your favourite nut cream from our selection of nut spreads, i.e., roasted organic Italian hazelnut cream, roasted organic cashew cream, organic pistachio cream, roasted shelled organic almond cream, roasted organic macadamia cream, Italian pine nut cream and roasted organic pecan cream.

100% Nuts Creams No Sugar Added | Nuturally

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    Our supply chain

    Our passion has always led us to travel around Italy and the world every day to select the finest nuts and dried fruit directly from the farmers.

    We do this in order to offer you the best possible natural product without salt and sugar, because nuts is perfect just the way it is.

    Our commitment towards the environment

    We are a certified B Corp™ and part of a global movement of companies committed to complying with high standards of social and environmental impact.

    We have therefore decided to reduce the use of plastic, glass and metal in our packaging, which is why we offer large packs: 500 g, 1 kg, 2,5 kg.

    100% Nut Creams

    Buy online our 100% Nuts Creams.

    We have selected the finest nuts and nut creams directly from our producers. Our exclusive Nuts Creams are made from nuts.

    How do we make the best creams from nuts? Thanks to our expertise, we know exactly when nuts are best enjoyed raw or need to be roasted at the best roast level. Nuts are finely ground to make nut creams without adding anything else.

    Choose your favourite 100% nut cream and rediscover the natural taste of nuts. Nut lovers like you must definitely try them, you’ll be amazed!

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